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[212]  2001-10-16  21:27:47
Name: » Johan     From: Sweden
Website: » Manowar Sweden
A great band with a great site. Greetings from Sweden.

[211]  2001-10-14  01:03:34
Name: » Keith     From: Cobridge, Stoke-On-Trent
I had the exasperating experience of employing Steve Watts whilst he was in the band - One of the most entertaining blokes ever, an inspired and gifted musician and composer, but about as reliable as a used condom.If he got himself together, he could have been the Aphex Twin .Like so many of you sinners the DEMON drink was ever his downfall - where is he now? I could have given him a long eventless career stripping paint. Hello too to Steve Brooks, who helped me move workshops

[210]  2001-10-12  01:07:13
Name: Ray Walmsley     From: Demon
Wot a fuckin great web site,wot a fuckin great band. Wot fuckin great fans,it's a pleasure 2 b apart of it. Cheers!

[209]  2001-10-11  23:37:52
Name: » bilee52     From: bill turner
hello fellow demon fans.i have enjoyrd this band since their debut lp night of the demon.demon is one of my fav. bands of all time.keep up the work of excellance dave hill.

[208]  2001-10-10  21:39:41
Name:     From: Tor
Demon Rocks!!!!!!!


[207]  2001-10-09  11:34:42
Name: » CockRocker n.o 1     From: Gothic Castle
Website: » Superrock Club of Gothenburg
Hi all you Metalfreaks out there !. Donīt you dare to miss: DEMON, Meldrum & Commander, while they rock our asses off at Musikens Hus in Gothenburg/Sweden on the 16:th of November !

Stay metal.
CockRocking Beats

[206]  2001-10-05  14:37:44
Name: » Fia     From: Sweden
Demon ruled the Sweden Rock Festival this year...

[205]  2001-10-04  19:42:10
Name: Andy     From: Bristol UK
Amazing new cd , it is a regular on my player and in the car . Just hope P.Play can give it the review it deserves . Going to try and make London unless you plan to come down to these parts soon!!.

[204]  2001-10-04  16:01:53
Name: Steve Brookes     From: Demon
Hi its been a long time since I signed this so ill do it again...me and the boys are looking very much forward to the Sweden live dates and the UK warm ups things are sounding pretty good at rehearsals as were still adding material from long ago and not so long ago and recent to the live set hope to see you all soon everywhwere many thanks for your support steve brookes demun

[203]  2001-10-03  00:33:10
Name: Dimitri     From: Greece
Website: » new wave of british heavy metal
Hail sacred monsters of nwobhm, along with angelwitch, tokyoblade, Grim reaper, Girlschool and of course SAXON you rule!!!

[202]  2001-10-02  16:39:53
Name: Kal     From: Gothenburg
Check this out!

I just found out that Demon is about visit our beautiful town on 11 November 2001 (Musikens hus, support: Meldrum (Us) and Commander)
According to:

This time I will not miss 'em


[201]  2001-10-01  04:25:03
What KC's trying to say is this Guestbook is really just a log of who visits the site and if you have any questions or iquiries about the band should be asked in Message Board where one/all of us Madmen/women will be happy to enlighten you! So DO click on over...
BCNU There...Fredie

[200]  2001-09-30  17:36:57
Name: » K.C.     From: L.A.,CA.(U.S.A.)
GREETINGS! to ALL People of the infamous D E M O N Guestbook! Did you know that you can become Rich & Famous by logging onto the Message Board & giving us your opinion/takes on any topic/subject?(especially DEMON,of course!) There's also FREE PRIZES given away every hour! It's FUN,FUN,FUN for the Whole Family!!! (Well,O.K.,I lied! There's NO FREE PRIZES & You Won't become RICH & FAMOUS;but darn it,it is Fun!!!)(Whether your Whole Family'll like it is also a stretch!) OH! HELL,just come on over to the Message Board & chin-wag with us a bit! We'll keep the light on for ya'!

[199]  2001-09-29  08:04:24
Name: » Rainer Hiltscher     From: Kuppenheim, Germany
Hi Demon Fans all over the world ! I'm glad that DEMON is back! I was member of the German fan club and ask: where is Joerg to start once again ? I'm so sad that i haven't heard about the Mannheim concert, so I hope that DEMON will come to Germany again for some concerts, I will be there !!! Also I want to say that the website is exciting, the new album is also exciting ( especially "Let me out of here" ), and I wish Dave, which I met at the Hamburg concert some years ago, and his band and friends all the best !!! I wait for the "NIGHT OF THE DEMON" !
Ciao, Rainer

[198]  2001-09-29  05:33:24
Name: » kevin ruby     From: baltimore,md u s a
i'm still wanting for the us tour. i know...dream on. hail demon!!!

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