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[197]  2001-09-29  02:23:31
Name: » kim     From: gothenburg sweden
hello congr. to the new album.When will the new tourdates in sweden be announced? Dont for Godssake forget to include Gothenburg please.

[196]  2001-09-27  21:35:08
Name: Don Rowe.     From: Talke Pits (Stoke)
Bloody tremendous gig last night boys. I absolutely enjoyed it, you were brilliant as ever ! Thanks Dave for letting me blag a T-shirt off you...Buy Ya a pint at the next one. Me & Jeff will try and get to the London gig. See You Lads. Cheers...

[195]  2001-09-27  05:58:05
Name: » kevin ruby     From: baltimore,md.u s a
demon is one of the greatist bands of the n.w.o.b.h.m. their first 3 albums are timless classics!still wanting for the us demon tour! all hail demon!

[194]  2001-09-24  21:16:46
Name: » Ralf     From: Germany
Website: » Epic Power Metal from Germany
Hi! This Ralf Ossowski, ther drummer of Seventh Gate ( we did your song "Life on the wire" for the Demon Tributealbum, you remember?) Just want to say that I`ve recently heard your new album and it`s really a great one! Bye ... Ralf & the rest of Seventh Gate!

[193]  2001-09-24  15:28:07
Name: » Paul     From: Shefield
Saw you at the Rockshield festival, brilliant, shame the set was cut short.

[192]  2001-09-24  10:07:25
Name: robert     From: sweden
the tour date in sweden in may
was cancelled. i know why but im still waiting for new dates.Love the new record.

[191]  2001-09-21  22:09:12
Name: David     From: Sweden
Hell! I just re-discovered the music of Demon! I remember my brother had the first to LP's and I have always remembered the music as I thought was really good back then.. Listening on some samples now I know that I was right! It's GREAT stuff! I'm about to order the backcatalogue now.. !

[190]  2001-09-18  18:26:35
Name: » Dave Wright     From: USA
How can I order Demon shirts from the US?

[189]  2001-09-16  20:19:39
Name: Panso     From: England
This is the God-of-Thunder's second born here. I've just got to say how much I luv the new album. It's the best album they've done by far. Sonn enough they'll be to big to play in small towns and they'll be on stage at the Manchester Apollo or something.This album really does rock. In my opinion, Sound of The Underground is the best track.
C U at the next gig that I can go to because I can't go to 'over 18's' places.

[188]  2001-09-16  15:19:49
Name: Don Rowe     From: Talke Pits (Stoke)
Just want to say that the new album is F...ing amazing, the best rock album this year by miles. Good one lads, why the hell aren't you the biggest rock band in the world. Every album is a classic. Spaced Out Monkey is just magnificent. Good Egg. See ya next week in Crewe...(Can't wait)

[187]  2001-09-16  12:27:52
Name: » TOM     From: GERMANY
Hi Freaks!

Here is TOM of the BRIGHT EYES GERMANY Magazine!

We will bring the new BRIGHT EYES out next week with a 3 pages COVER story of DEMON!!!

CHeck it out !

YOu can order it under

www.brighteyes.de !!!!

GREETINGS to all Demon Maniacs!


[186]  2001-09-16  05:45:12
Name: » Niza Yahaya     From: Niza
Salamsss and salutes to The Demons and The Demon Families. Congratz!! on all the various awards that you guys got from this page. You guys deserve it.
I have to admit I haven't heard The Demons before but I just heard "Sign Of the Madmen"`Live. You guys ROCK ! Nice CHOPS guys :)Sad though couldn't find your CD's down here. If I ever finish my h/p, can I it link to this cool page? Maybe get more exposure in my side of the world huh.

[185]  2001-09-15  17:05:53
Steve, wheres the hair gone mate! Its been a long time, good to see you are still rocking the universe!
See you at the Limelight.

[184]  2001-09-09  19:06:28
Name: H Carlsson     From: Gothenburg, Sweden
"let me out of here" is another-to-be-classic Demon song. Just up there with Remebrance day and Life on the wire. Really enjoy "Where are you comin from" as well, yes, the Hill/Dale songs impressed me the most with the new SOM CD. And as an old Pink Floyd fan i really enjoyed "Sound from the underground", "Homeless" and "Alone" also. Great to hear the mighty Mr Hill in 2001!
How about a new CD...

[183]  2001-09-09  17:31:40
Name: » Jarle A Samuelsen     From: Norway
A big hello to all you Demon fans out there and to the Band itself. What an awesome new album. I couldn't really believe what I heard at first, but now it's now doubt at all: The Great Demon is back, and back to stay, I hope. Congratulations Mr. Dave Hill and all you other guys in the band with the new album.

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