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[179]  2001-09-07  14:08:49
Name: » Pete Galer     From: Northampton
"I guess we never sold out, so we were never really in..."

Keep on flying the flag for quality British Rock - you've done us proud once again.

"A shining example to us all..."

All the best - keep rockin'

Pete Galer


[178]  2001-09-05  23:31:01
Name: NN     From: Sweden
I would like to say that the Spaced out monkey is a recording that has possibilities of growth in my mind. In my opinion it´s not yet as good as the two first albums, but who can say that that´s a fact two months from here. It is one of the best new compact discs that I have heard for a long time (I don´t hear much new music, one of the latest purchases was a CD with old recordings of Etta James).

[177]  2001-09-05  20:42:13
Name: » Harry Dentener     From: Netherlands
Spaced Out Monkey is GREAT!! A touch of Kingdome Come, a little bit of Coverdale and 90% DEMON at it's best!!

[176]  2001-09-05  19:18:06
Name: » Deddy / FOREVER     From: Germany
Website: » FOREVER
Hallo Demon Guys!
A big HELLO from German melodic rocker "FOREVER"
See you at the Z rock festival!
Maybe you take a look at our page and say hi.
Bye Deddy / www.ForeverRocks.de

[175]  2001-09-05  12:25:03
Name: » Peter Albers     From: Germany
Hi !

Spaced Out Monkey is great ... see our review at http://www.melodicrock.de (online Thursday) SEE YOU AT THE Z IN GERMANY !

[174]  2001-09-04  12:28:24
Name: metalman     From: Sthlm
Hello folks.....

I must say that the new album seems to be better and better you more you listen.... so far is the first track "never saw it coming" the best i think....but we will see...maybe it´s gonna be some more favorites!!??

Hope you are coming to Sthlm also...real rock´n´roll would be great in this town!!

Stay heavy!!

[173]  2001-09-04  05:08:36
Name: » K.C.     From: L.A.,CA.(U.S.A.)
It does my heart good to see all the D E M O N fans from all over the world come out in support of not only the great new release(Spaced-Out Monkey)but talkin' bout certain memories of DEMON music of the past! Keep up the great comments/messages everyone & again remember,D E M O N 's not only a great band...they're FAMILY Bro'(& Sis')!!!

[172]  2001-09-03  22:01:36
Name: » Stephen Crawford     From: Belfast
It's a delight to hear music of this quality still being made. "Spaced Out Monkey" is a quality release. As good as I had hoped for, better than I expected, if you can make sense of that one. Nice to see my home town gets a wee mention on the Album as well. Don't hesitate about buying this title. Just a pity I'll never get to see them play live over here.

[171]  2001-08-31  22:27:16
Name: David Fronk     From: Sweden
I am impressed. This is Demons best album ever. You're a Monkey !!!

[170]  2001-08-31  07:42:50
Name: » Mats Kristensen     From: Järfälla, Sweden
Just wanted to say that "Space out monkey" really rocks!!! I just love it! :)

[169]  2001-08-30  09:50:16
Name: » John McArdle     From: Ireland
I cannot believe that there's a new album. I have been looking for years at this stage. Best of luck.

[168]  2001-08-29  19:39:04
Name: Uffe Nilsson     From: Sweden
Great news for us who like this band and the voice of m´Mr.Hill. Haven't heard the album yet, but I just can't wait to get my hands on it !

Cheers !

[167]  2001-08-29  19:28:43
Name: » Helmut     From: Nabburg
thankx for coming back i know the old times for a helluva night and the voice great.

[166]  2001-08-28  17:28:37
Name: » peter     From: wales
great to have a new album out, but will the earlier stuff be re-issued on cd? cd's like b.s.a ?

[165]  2001-08-27  19:24:30
Name: » Mark Kennedy     From: Burton-On-Trent
Keep on rockin'.Demon are great and I'm proud to say that I have been listening to their music for years and not followed the rest of the sheep(baa! baa!).There are alot of people out there who still like this type of music and don't disregard it because it's not in Kerrang or because it's over ten years old.Demon should of had a song on the 'Planet of the Apes' soundtrack.I know I'm being silly now!!!well I have been doing alot of overtime,well by my standards anyway.I think I will go and rest now.

Lets take the world by storm,

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